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History and Mission

Everyday Esports was born from the need for esports infrastructure, as identified by members of the Tennessee Esports Alliance during their efforts to grow esports communities. The Tennessee Esports Alliance was created to support all gamers and esports fans, however this presents a significant challenge due to the lack of infrastructure necessary to host esports events. TNEA was faced with significant obstacles while reaching gamers, and in finding fitting venues and equipment to host esports events.

Everyday Esports was created to fill the local esports infrastructure void.

The first mission of Everyday Esports is to create esports everyday. This means we are building the digital and physical spaces to do esports, and hosting ‘micro’ esports festivals each and every day.

In the current environment, it is necessary for gamers to rely on specific social media outlets or online communities to discover events and venues. These channels often highlight a specific game, or more narrowly, a single facility. Additionally, these channels are unreliable, hard to find, and too inflexible for the ever-changing gaming landscape.
We create a mobile and web application that allows organizers and facilities to publish and market their offerings, and then enables the discovery of these events by gamers and esports fans.

We host esports events at our facilities or at our partners facilities.

Our second mission is to provide a facility that is definitively for gamers.

We create venues which are a celebration of gaming and esports. Our venues are ones where all gamers can feel at home regardless of interest and skill level. We host events, and provide the physical infrastructure that allows gamers to compete in tournaments, play games casually, watch esports, or simply enjoy great food, drink and the company of other gamers.

Our venues provide the infrastructure to allow esports to happen, everyday.


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We are seeking out partners who share our goal of growing esports for all gamers. If you would like to partner with us, learn how we might work together or simply get more information please reach out.

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Today, gaming is a 140 billion dollar industry. We see a world where millions of gamers engage in esports on a daily basis, at events and through broadcasts from all over the world. For this to be true, we will change what is possible in localized gaming and esports. Our world class venues and multiple daily events, hosted by us and enabled by our partners, will allow our members to participate in esports in a number of exciting ways. All of these events are facilitated by our discovery and publishing technology, making it easier for everyone to participate in esports.






Jared Miller

Esports found Jared over 20 years ago when dial up internet first arrived in rural Ohio. In a matter of days after the connection arrived Jared was online playing competitively as part of online teams in a variety of games. This passion followed Jared to university where he completed a degree in Computer Science and competed in esports at the highest levels. Professionally Jared has worked extensively in technology and is at his best when using technology and software development to solve business problems. Jared has worked in the industries of ecommerce, daily fantasy sports, media, healthcare and healthcare. His expertise is now utilized to create a thriving business in an industry he is passionate about.



Mount Vernon Nazarene University
B.S. Computer Science 2007

Previous Experience

• MacMac Marketplace - CTO
• Comicbook.com - EVP & GM (Acquired by CBSi)
• Rotogrinders.com - Product Lead
• Opensky.com - Business Operations Lead (Acquired by AliBaba)



Events and production

Zak Coffey

Zak has been working in production for both music and stage since 2008. With a wealth of experience in production audio, he is also a capable and consistent production team leader, having served in a production leadership position in multiple capacities on varying projects throughout the U.S. Specializing in bringing events from concept to execution is what Zak now brings to the realm of professional esports.



California State University Monterey Bay
B.A. Music: Recording Technology

Production CV

• Head of Production Audio - Cornerstone Theater Company
• Production Manager - Tennessee Esports Alliance
• Event Technology Supervisor - Renaissance Nashville Hotel, JSAV
• Production Audio Engineer - Wallpaper, Capitol Cities, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet