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League of Legends LCS Summer Party

Nashville’s League of Legends LCS 2019 Summer Party

Celebrate the 2019 League of Legends LCS Summer Split Finals

Not just a watch party, this event will have lots to enjoy!

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Watch the LCS Finals in a venue unlike any other

LabeLive has created an epic space, including an 18 foot main screen, 2 secondary screens and world class audio for you to watch the LCS Summer Finals between Team Liquid and Cloud 9! This will be an experience not to be missed for Nashville’s League of Legends fans.

  1. See the LEC as well!
    LEC games will be shown on screen before the LCS games begin

  2. Take part in a 1v1 League of Legends tournament
    Play on stage with the live audience cheering you on. We are bringing in great gaming PC’s to ensure a great experience. Rules and prizes are at the bottom of this page.

  3. Jersey giveaways
    Thanks to we are nations we are giving away multiple official Cloud 9 and Team Liquid jerseys to individuals in the audience.

  4. Official Riot Swag
    Riot has provided with lots of swag which includs custom lanyards for each role.

  5. Casual gaming!
    We will provide 10 gaming PC’s and several PS4’s for use.

  6. Food and drink!
    Red Bull for everyone! Food and drink is provided.

  7. League Unlocked!
    Anyone who plays a game of League of Legends while at the venue will have access to all champions and skills as well as bonus XP/IP!


Where? When? Tickets?


416 Mary Lindsay Polk Drive,
Suite 503,
Franklin TN 37067


Doors open at 12:30PM CST on Sunday 8/25
The 1v1 tourament will begin at 1:00PM CST
The broadcast for the League finals will start at 2:30PM CST


Tickets are $5, but keep an eye on our social media as we are running frequent promotions!


1V1 Tournament Rules & Prizes

  • Games will be played on Howling Abyss.

  • Each player will use their own League of Legends account, access to League Unlocked will be automatic.

  • The tournament will be a best of 1 double elimination tournament.

  • The winners and losers bracket as well as grand finals will be best of 3.

Determining a winner

  1. Secure First Blood

  2. Kill the first tower

  3. Be the first to 100 CS

Players are responsible for finding and adding one another in game.
Players must promptly report their match to a tournament organizer.
It is HIGHLY recommended to take a screenshot of the score screen either on the PC or with a mobile device.

The matches played on the main stage and on screen will be selected by tournament organizers.
If a player cannot be located prior to a match start, that player will be given a 5 minute grace period before taking a loss, this loss may eliminate a player from the tournament.

Tournament Prizes:

First Place - Choice of official LCS Jersey + League of Legends Prize Package
Second Place - Remaining LCS Jersey
Third Place - League of Legends swag


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